Labor arbitrage

Labor arbitrage is a strategic approach that capitalizes on disparities in pricing for identical skilled labor forces across distinct markets. This strategy involves leveraging variations in labor costs to achieve cost efficiencies and enhance overall operational competitiveness.

Geo arbitrage

Geo arbitrage is a strategic approach aimed at enhancing team productivity by strategically distributing team members across different time zones. This enables continuous workflow as your team operates around the clock, providing a competitive advantage over competitors adhering to standard 8-hour workdays.


Our vision is rooted in bringing the best practices of large global companies to the forefront of small and mid-sized businesses. We aspire to optimize our clients team dynamics, empowering them to leverage labor and geo arbitrages strategically. Through these practices, we aim to position our clients at the forefront of efficiency and competitiveness in the business landscape.

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To stay ahead in the game, making the most of labor and geo arbitrages is vital. While your competition is going global, sticking solely to regional talent might mean missing out on boosted productivity, improved retention, and labor cost savings. It essential to broaden your horizons and smartly explore the benefits that come with a global approach to talent acquisition and management.

-Abhi Acharya, Co-Founder

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Attorney's Office
Closing Attorney

"My Nepal team is an indispensable asset and a secret weapon to my practice."

Real Estate Investor

"Impressive intellect and work ethic! My new team member is not only smarter than most of us but also outshines in work ethic."

CRE Broker
Vice President

"24/7 dedication! I work 12 hours, and my acquisition analyst matches with another 10 hours. Together, we maintain a round-the-clock hustle."

Private Equity
Acquisition Manager

"My Nepal team triples my underwriting capacity, responding swiftly to brokers and owners due to their nighttime efforts—truly incredible value!"

Consulting Firm

"Exceeded expectations! You guys went above and beyond."

CPA Firm

"Exceptional! Our Nepal team is nothing short of extraordinary."

To stay ahead in the game, making the most of labor and geo arbitrages is vital. While your competition is going global, sticking solely to regional talent might mean missing out on boosted productivity, improved retention, and labor cost savings. I mean, who in their right mind would pass up the chance to have half their team putting in the grind when they are sleeping, am I right?

-Abhi Acharya, Founder

Why should you hire Nepal-based talents? 



Your Nepal-based talent becomes an essential part of your core team, dedicated exclusively to your projects without juggling multiple responsibilities like traditional virtual assistant services.

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring through us offers significant cost savings, with expenses typically one-fourth of onshore equivalents. You grow your team with skilled professionals without the added financial burdens of overhead, insurance, 401k contributions, office space, or administrative burdens.


Enhanced Productivity 

With Nepal-based team operating 12 hours ahead, your organization is effectively functioning around the clock, leading to a substantial increase in overall productivity.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Engaging Nepal-based talent allows you and your onshore team to achieve a better work-life balance by delegating administrative tasks, and freeing up time for revenue-generating activities or personal pursuits.


High Employee Retention

Our team in Nepal enjoys a superior work culture, complemented by a robust benefits package. This includes gym memberships, phone and transportation allowances, daily office meals, retirement contributions, and comprehensive insurance coverage. Additionally, we proudly sponsor our team members in pursuing master's degrees, contributing to outstanding retention rates within the market.


Our Talent Virtual Assistant
Integral part of your core team. Yes NO
Assigned dedicated account manager. Yes NO
Consistent and reliable daily attendance. Yes NO
Exclusive dedication to your company's tasks. Yes NO
Smooth onboarding process to your servers. Yes NO
Unmatched work ethic and high retention rate. Yes NO


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founders image

Our founder, Abhi Acharya, possesses over a decade of experience in hiring and managing offshore teams. He currently runs a very successful business,CRE Capital Management. The success of his venture stands as a testament to Nepal's exceptional, determined, professional, and ambitious workforce.

Prior to founding his company, Abhi held a managerial position at Ernst & Young (EY). With his nearly 7-year career in public accounting and as a business operator, he has consistently collaborated with offshore teams, providing him unparalleled insight into establishing offshore shared services.

The reasons that lead to the launch of 365 Core Talent was primarily driven by his observations, dating back to his time at EY, of how virtually all Fortune 500 companies benefit from their offshore teams. With 365 Core Talent, he is on a mission to level the playing field and give small business the same advantages.